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Let's build a world. Explore what we believe by writing. In many ways my characters’ experiences with fate, destiny and free-will mirror my own. What is up to us and what isn’t? It’s one of the great questions of the human experience, I think. But no matter what is for us to control, we must own the identity. You’re a writer if you write. Period. Writing is a lovely way to spend one’s time. Enjoy it. And I hope you enjoy my writing here.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Vampire Diaries is BACK!

And I have totally lost my mind...again.

I still blame all of you for getting me involved in this mess to begin with. Life was so much simpler before Elena, Stefan and Damon...sigh.

Anyone who knows me (or follows me on twitter) knows that I am a huge TV fan. And some of you have asked which shows I watch (besides our beloved vampires). Here's my list:

The Vampire Diaries
Gossip Girl (because I'm a big believer in finishing what you start)
Modern Family
Up All Night
New Girl
Nashville (I think this one is gonna be a keeper!)
How I Met Your Mother
The Mindy Project (for now)

Tell me-- what shows do you guys watch? What's your tivo (or hulu) time look like?




  1. I watch all of those except Nashville. Annnnd... I also watch Castle, 2 Broke Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Archer, Top Chef, The Good Wife, Revenge, and Grey's Anatomy. So, yeah, I keep pretty busy on that front. Or at least my DVR does!

  2. Appreciate The Vampire Diaries love!

    I still need to watch Nashville. New Girl is hit or miss for me.

    So pumped about Parenthood, The Walking Dead, Fringe, Nikita, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, & It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    Notable Mentions: White Collar, Raising Hope, Revenge, Homeland, Switched At Birth, Warehouse 13 (Syfy), The Big Bang Theory, Archer, and newbies, Last Resort & The Mindy Project.

    Can't wait for the return of: Doctor Who, Being Human, Cougar Town, Leverage, The Lying Game, Lost Girl (Syfy), as well as The Biggest Loser and Total Blackout.

  3. As of right now my current TV obsessions are: Dexter, Homeland, Gossip Girl (This season thankfully is the last, it just seems to have gotten so bad! If it wasn't the last I would have probably stopped after that premiere..), Vampire Diaries, Glee, New Girl, Once Upon a Time, Beauty and the Beast (Ep 1 was alright, I typically give a show 3 episodes before I give up for good), Grimm, and....I think that's it? :) Haha. I watched Revenge over the summer and it is a really good show, I'm just gonna keep it unwatched as my "reserve" for when nothing is on TV during winter-break. Also, American Horror Story starts soon!!! Can't wait.

    1. Oh, I totally forgot Parenthood!

  4. You already know that I absolutely ADORE The Vampire Diaries.

    Let's see, I also watch:

    New Girl
    How I Met Your Mother
    Gossip Girl (though I usually lag behind by a couple of episodes)

  5. I just recently got into TVD too and it is AMAZING! I also love The Mindy Project, Happy Endings, Modern Family, Dexter and Homeland (this season has been edge-of-my-seat so far!).