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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Vampire Diaries or The Story of How I Lost A Week Of My Life


Yes, that's right-- you! You are all responsible for this. The insane up all night can't sleep can't work can't think obsession of the last week.

GUYS, The Vampire Diaries is AMAZING. I totally went on a TV bender. I started the series Tuesday and finished today--- 3 season- you do the math (it makes me nauseous to do it myself). A lot of TV. Too much TV. And yet, and yet---

Let me start off by saying I am (obvs) I huge Kevin Williamson fan. Dawson's Creek basically WAS my childhood. But for whatever reason (work. pride) I hadn't seen one single episode of The Vampire Diaries until last week. But you all changed that. You all with your tweets and "Team Damon!" and "best show on television!"and I was all nuh uh. I saw Twilight, okay? I DO NOT CARE ABOUT TEENAGE VAMPIRES. Now please leave me alone so I can write about some. *That was a joke. Everyone calm down.

But then I watched and...hold on. Can we take a moment to discuss how perfect Nina Dobrev's hair is? Like what is she using on that? Can someone tweet her?

Honestly, the show is a lesson in plotting because WTF OMG HOW DID THEY DO THAT???? IT IS A REAL LOVE TRIANGLE. Like freals, no bs, I switched teams, and now I am lost, and I'm going to need a little time to process what just happened because I think someone compelled me-- get it?

Best line of the series: "I don't want to be a vampire!"

Bella, are you out there? Can you hear us?

ANNOUNCEMENT: I know you all luvvvvv Pretty Little Liars. And Revenge. And True Blood (please please please just STOP), but that is my TV limit for the summer. I have had my fill, and now I must diet. No carbs, people. It's time to get serious.

Because you all want me to write another book...right?

Thanks for the vacation. It was a lot of fun.


Gossip Girl


  1. Wow, that is truly a lot of TV! I can't even begin to imagine how you managed to squeeze in sleeping and eating with a total of 60, 65 episodes in a week. That's like- wow!

    Now I am miss TVD. =(

    And I love how you ended the blog post with XOXO, Gossip Girl! =D

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying TVD and what a marathon! I'm Team Stefan, always and forever!

    yes, please write another book, WYWM was excellent :)

    Mands xox

  3. You had me crack up with your sign off.

    I also had my VD binge week when school let out in May. I had always made fun of my friend for liking it so much cause yeah, vampires. But then I gave episode one a shot and I was sucked in.

    I never changed teams though. I don't like Damon's character at all in terms of him being "swoon-worthy." In terms of being a really cool character though, he is awesome! How Elana could like him when all the shit he's done to her and Jeremy, I wouldn't understand.

    Also, how kick-butt is Caroline?! :) I'd totally fangirl over her sooner than the guys. She went from being super annoying to being super awesome!

  4. Yes I do want you to write another book! PS I told you so.

  5. I LOVE Caroline! And you guys were right: it's complicated! I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this whole thing plays out...

  6. I STILL haven't seen Vampire Diaries. Is it really, really that good?

    Also get on Book 2, woman. I talk up your book so much in bookstores, I think the booksellers think that I take away their jobs. LOL!

  7. I LOVE Caroline. And don't worry....I'm back at work, now!

  8. Vampire Diaries is awesome! I'm Team Damon one episode then Team Stefan the next! (p.s: I love Nina Dobrev's hair too!)